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Ethiopian Government Accounting Systems Pdf 2021

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Publié: 9 juin 2022 (il y a 3 semaines)

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Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf


Ethiopian accounting system began to develop during colonial rule. During the Imperial Rule, the British Central Accounting Office (B.C.AO) began to implement the European Financial Reporting System in Ethiopia (E.F.R.S.E). The government established the first agency in 1943, the Central Government Agency. The CGA had two departments: the Income and Expenditure department, and the Balance Sheet Department..
During the Fascist regime, the country began to establish a complete government accounting system. The National Accounting Office was established in 1943, and this became the first accounting agency. The first Accounting Handbook was introduced in 1944, and in 1945, the first regular annual budget was passed. Within the Fascist government, there was a Department of Revenue Control.
Government of Ethiopia (FGE) Budget System
4.3.At the end of the Fascist regime, the Italian occupation authorities left the country in the year 1991. Due to the reform process, in August 1992 the FGE Accounting System was established to perform the four basic functions of government accounting. These functions are budget control, cash control, revenue accounting, and reporting.
A government accounting system can be divided into three types according to their accounting systems: functional, synthetic, and performance. The functional accounting system provides for the technical capacity to perform the accounting function; the synthetic system uses quantitative analysis and statistics to understand and rationalize a phenomenon; and the performance system is concerned with the general efficiency of a public institution.
Strategies in governing the FGE are likewise focused on budgeting. The FGE has adopted FISCALIZATION as one of its major strategies. Both financial and non-financial resources are accounted for in the system so that a budget can be prepared. The budget control system reviews the cash flow patterns and the performance of the FGE, and provides for the government’s financial reserve. Budget control is carried out through the annual budget and an annual implementation program.
The FGE has also instituted the government account, which was started in 1995. The government account is composed of three general accounts: administrative, general, and external. The administrative account is used for resource allocation, expense tracking and accounting, and also to ensure the availability of funds. The general account is used for forecasting, budgeting, and tracking. The external account is used for funding the external debt of the country.
As a result, government auditors have been trained to monitor the budget implementation. This is achieved through the following three tools


, Intergovernmental Fiscal Administration Guide, p. 18. Some of these practices include collecting information from detailed fieldwork and a variety of
Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf
, Historical overview of Ethiopian Government Accounting System The FGE.
. The study was conducted to support the design of a global process with a centralised numbering in a vertical solution. FGE.
Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf
. The original purpose of the research was to determine the relevance of in-house computerised or manual.
Ethiopian Governments Accountability and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from 1995-2005 .
Abstract The objective of this study was to make an assessment of the level of.
. The structure of the Ethiopian Government was divided into the Central Government and the Local Government.
Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf
Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf
Internal government accounting systems: Unlike most countries in the world, Ethiopia has one of the oldest systems of government accounting.
Ethiopian government accounting system ppt
, Ethiojumu baru massa. The custom was to each official a written copy of the annual accounts of the administration.
Ethiopian Government Accounting System Pdf
Ethiopian Government Accountability and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from 1995-2005, in: Asia-Pacific Journal of Development Studies 6: 1, 2007, p. The comprehensive system dates back to 1922 when the.



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