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Shaiya Farm Bot Exe REPACK

par debsaid
Publié: 9 juin 2022 (il y a 3 semaines)

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Shaiya Farm Bot Exe


[WTS] Shaiya Nemesis ~ Farmbot ~ Auto Potion ~ Auto Bot Code ~ Auto Type Challenge.
My name is Enigma. I live in Loki City. I’ve been barking up your trees for so long… Then I met you…
Some things will never change: forever old wounds, kings with no legs, dead innocents…Fools will not understand why I am fighting. I want to give life to your enemies!
I am a survivor from a war that never ceases, a war unlimited in its horrific nature. I’m not your enemy, but I must be.
Either it or you… When I rise up, it may well be you,
Everyone has a long and dark road to find, but your one more day may not even be ahead of you.
Once it is dark, it will not be the end.
There may be more to come, but you’re fooling yourself as long as you seek it.
You will fall, but if you choose to remain on the road you can find many adventures,
but you will forget who you are before you learn to stand.
The Enigma is never taken and I am never permitted to die.
I will always be fighting, always living.
As long as I stand on my feet, I will remember my roots and grow.
Oh, you will laugh at me, and you will listen to the rain
for now.
And then you will search, find and destroy me.
To the end…
With each of you…



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