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Yodot Move Outlook PST Crack Incl Product Key [Mac/Win] Latest

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Publié: 23 juin 2022 (il y a 4 jours)

There are multiple email managers in use today and Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular choices, due both to its flexibility, but also accessibility and ease of use. However, there are cases when the entire email database should be backed up, and for just such situations, Yodot Move Outlook PST provides a practical and intuitive solution.
Backup Outlook folders and messages
The program requires a valid Microsoft Outlook installation and allows its users to issue quick or thorough backup operations. What's more, one can selectively save data to disk or mobile storage media, such as CDs or DVDs.
There are two methods of backing up email folders: a “Smart Backup” – essentially a one-click function for speedy operations and “Advanced Backup” – a more advanced and comprehensive option that also allows one to select which items are transferred to disk. What's more, with the latter tool, one can adjust compression levels, as well as set security checks.
Schedule daily, weekly or monthly operations
Recurrent backup tasks can be defined with the scheduler module and one can create daily, weekly, as well as monthly operations. The program is also able to restore databases, largely following the same setup laid out by the backup operations.
Most notably, one can also selectively restore items, a great feature when 'fishing' for specific items from an entire Outlook database; migrating data from older to newer versions of Outlook is also a viable use for the application.
A practical utility for ensuring Outlook data is not lost or corrupted
To conclude, Yodot Move Outlook PST is a valuable tool for anyone who regularly uses Microsoft Outlook to manage emails. The program allows one to backup or restore databases quickly and can also be of value when upgrading Office installations.







Yodot Move Outlook PST Crack + Torrent For Windows

Easy Outlook backup, reliable recovery and intuitive managementWith a goal to help Outlook users, Yodot has created an easy-to-use and reliable application that helps users back up and restore Outlook databases. This tool supports both the PST and the MSG format and allows users to backup and recover Outlook PST files by simply clicking the “Backup now” button. It is also possible to restore Outlook databases selectively. Additionally, it has a useful scheduler module which lets you schedule and manage the backup or recovery operations without human interference. Data can be moved between different versions of Outlook. In addition, the application also supports mobile devices, such as CDs or DVDs.

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Yodot Move Outlook PST Crack + With Keygen Download

This is an additional standalone utility by Yodot Software Solutions for Microsoft Outlook. Its name is Move Outlook PST and it can backup, restore, clone, migrate and merge Outlook databases. This utility is…
Price: Free Size: 997 KB for Windows

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Yodot Move Outlook PST Crack+

Yodot Move Outlook PST is a practical utility for ensuring that Outlook data is not lost or corrupted. Move Outlook PST will back up your Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 97 data to various disks and then move the data for up to 25 versions back into Outlook from the most recent backup.

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What’s New in the Yodot Move Outlook PST?

Are you ready for the forthcoming Outlook 2016? It is high time that you changed to this new innovative software that is based on the.NET framework, instead of the older apps that you have used in the past. If you are one of the numerous users of Outlook 2013, now is the time to move to Outlook 2016! Once you have installed this upgraded program, you will be overwhelmed by its many interesting features that enable you to perform tasks in a jiffy. So, hurry up and migrate to Outlook 2016.
• Mail attachments from PPT, XLS, XLSX, PDF and other file formats.
• Full support to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 systems.
• Quickly backup or restore Outlook data.
• Full migration to Outlook 2016 from Outlook 2013.
• Quickly migrate Outlook data from one computer to another.
• Easily save or restore Outlook data.
• Use mail filtering and other useful techniques to bring in and out emails.
• Automatically save important emails and store them offline for retrieval.
• Organize your Outlook data with different folders.
• Maintain your address and contact lists for easy retrieval.
• Efficiently backup and save your entire Outlook database.
• Transmit a select group of Outlook items to specific accounts or senders.
• Automatically download emails from various accounts.
• Export Outlook mails to text format (flat file) or PDF format.
• Assign email ID to any new contacts.
• Email filtration and batch processing to send and receive emails.
• Import and export Outlook data to other email clients.
• Copy and paste images from different files.
• Maintain Outlook email signatures.
• Migrate Outlook data from one computer to another.
• Compress or zip Outlook data.
• Search your mails directly from the search tab.
• Easily send and receive mails from multiple accounts.
• Import and export e-mail messages to other email clients.
• Copy selected files from one folder to another.
• Sort out files according to categories.
• Move and rename your files and folders.
• Quickly delete useless files and folders.
• Easily view images, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, PowerPoint, PPTX and RTF files.
• Quickly open any Outlook email attachment.
• Transmit email attachments.
• Use any email ID in Outlook

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